#SpanishGP: Lukas Tulovic regain confidence

Published : 05/04/2019 18:09:26
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An early crash during qualifying, however, destroyed all hopes for a better starting position than in P28. 

Despite good forecasts, the weather appeared cloudy on Saturday though, it remained dry all day long and sometimes, the sun found its way through in the afternoon. In significantly cooler conditions, day two of practice at the Spanish round began with an ultra-fast final free practice session this morning. During FP3, lap times were up to one second faster than on the previous day. Although Lukas Tulovic was able to improve on his Friday time, he still struggled in terms of the right feeling with his bike. Some changes to the setup, however, have brought a turnaround in this matter. Therefore, Kiefer Racing’s German youngster started that strongly into the timed session. But obviously highly motivated, the 18-year-old risk a little bit too much in his third lap only. 

Since the series returned to European soil there is no longer a difference in terms of time zones to consider. Sunday’s round four is set to get started as usual at 12:20pm CET.


#3 Lukas TULOVIC (Kiefer Racing, KTM), Grid Position 28th - 1´42.622 (2/2): 

"It’s a shame and I’m really sorry for the team because that was clearly my fault. After this unexpected strong start into the session, posting a 1´42.6 already in my first flying lap, I was totally «on fire». As a result, I wanted too much in turn two and in the next moment, the front folded. It was definitely nothing dramatic as the bike just slipped away but the whole situation, I think, have been looked very spectacular. I immediately got up, did a fast sprint to bike to pick it up and I also was able to re-start it by myself. Apart from some scratches and a somehow crooked handlebar, nothing else happened to the bike. But I entered the garage to fix these little things. Normally, something like this is repaired very quick so that I could have go out for one or two hot flying laps again. But due to another issue we didn’t go out again for safety reasons. This is a pity because there was definitely something on the table today."

"Under normal circumstance, I never do my fastest lap at the beginning of the session. It’s no help to think about longer, tomorrow is race day and during the race I’m always stronger. So, I think we can look forward with confidence to tomorrow. A huge thank to my team because they tried everything to fix the bike in time. But in this short time, it wasn’t possible. Before going into Q1, however, I had some thoughts because during free practice sessions there were some movements in the bike. Compared to our tests here in Jerez this was something new for us. Therefore, I completely trusted in my crew and let them work for a solution during the break. The changes they have made paid off completely as I felt that much comfortable straight away. Everything was on the right place and this was why my first lap was that strong. But as said, I need more laps to find my rhythm. In any case it’s good to know that we now have got the confirmation to set up the bike properly. That gives hopes for tomorrow."


#SpanishGP Moto2™ - Qualifying Results:

1 Jorge NAVARRO / SPA / HDR Heidrun Speed Up / Speed Up / 1´41.182

2 Alex MARQUEZ / SPA / Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS / KALEX / 1´41.273 +0.091

3 Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / Flexbox HP 40 / KALEX / 1´41.323 +0.141

28 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / Kiefer Racing / KTM / 1´42.622 (Q1)