#SpanishGP: The race again the best of the weekend

Published : 05/05/2019 17:43:57
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Just like last time out in Texas, Kiefer Racing and Lukas Tulovic also delivered a strong race performance at sunny Jerez. 

Also, in southern Spain this weekend it took until the race day before Lukas Tulovic was able to put in his form, steadily increasing his learning curve. In good weather conditions, the 18-year-old newcomer from Eberbach was not able to leave the line in the way he wanted. Due to an incident with several involved, the race had to be red-flagged shortly after the start. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured by those affected. For the re-start, the distance was shortened to 15 laps. After a less than optimal start, Tulovic quickly found his rhythm and was able to catch up positions quickly. The KTM rider finally finished the fourth race of the season in P19 which means in the top 20 again. 

The championship will continue in the usual two-week rhythm now. Therefore, the next station is mid-May in Le Mans, France.


#3 Lukas TULOVIC (Kiefer Racing, KTM), P19: 

"As it was in Texas and before in Argentina, the race was the best of the weekend. It started pretty blatantly, though. When I came through the first corner after the start, I have already seen several riders crashing. A few meters later there was a total chaos. Many have chosen the way through the green, while I somehow got through right through the middle safely. In the next corner, I also had to go wide, because another’s bike has slipped to the outside. In the next moment, I thought the race will be stopped anyway. That was directly the case. At the re-start I did not get away as fantastic as I’m usually doing. So, I had to line up at the far end of the field."

"But it did not take longer for me to start a strong recovery. I passed a few riders, had some good battles and rode decent lap times. I'm very happy with our pace, as well as with the gap to the top. Of course, the race distance was shorter than normal because of the crash. Nevertheless, we were much closer than in the previous races. This also applies to the race here in Jerez last year, when I was allowed to celebrate my debut in the world championship thanks to Kiefer Racing. In any case, this performance gives hopes building on it and I'm glad that after all the problems we had this weekend, we were still able to show a good race."


Jochen KIEFER (Team manager / Technical director): 

"We are happy with Lukas, that we are able to have a nice conclusion of the weekend again. Things didn’t go that smoothly and it took us a while to find the pace here in Jerez. During qualifying Lukas immediately had a good feeling with the bike. So, we were back on our way. Unfortunately, he crashed early. Without this fall, a starting position one or the other row more towards the front might have been possible. Luckily nothing happened with this harmless fall, so we checked it off immediately. This morning, however, we had some problems again. But we think that it was more the matter of the used tires with which we went out during this session."

"In the race, however, everything went well again. The bike worked perfectly, and Lukas was very happy with everything. In the end, he showed a solid performance with very decent lap times. Given that it was a shortened race, 25 seconds off the winner’s time is certainly not wrong. Overall, Lukas is doing well. We can definitely build on that level. Therefore, we are confident about Le Mans, where he already knows the track."


#SpanishGP Moto2™ - Race Classification after 15 Laps:

1 Lorenzo BALDASSARRI / ITA / Flexbox HP 40 / KALEX / 25´33.841

2 Jorge NAVARRO / SPA / HDR Heidrun Speed Up / Speed Up / +0.359

3 Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / Flexbox HP 40 / KALEX / +1.091

19 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / Kiefer Racing / KTM / +25.896


Moto2™ World Standing:

1 Lorenzo BALDASSARRI / ITA / KALEX / 75

2 Thomas LÜTHI / SWI / KALEX / 58

3 Marcel SCHRÖTTER / GER / KALEX / 48