#CatalanGP Post-race test: After marathon distance successfully completed

Published : 06/19/2019 14:59:45
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A one-day test on Tuesday after the Barcelona race was the first opportunity since long for Kiefer Racing and Lukas Tulovic to improve the feeling with the bike without time pressure. 

After Sunday’s exhausting race in that hot conditions, the entire team of the German Moto2™ racing team had only one day to relax. On the occasion of an official test on Tuesday the engines were wrooming again at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Kiefer Racing has not yet completed any tests during the season with its Championship rookie Lukas Tulovic, as it was important to get to know each other better and to identify the need for action. For this reason, it was necessary to tackle an overly long task list. The conditions, however, were much more challenging as it is getting hotter day by day in Spain. Nevertheless, Tulovic completed no less than 105 laps in a heat that was sometimes scorching.


#3 Lukas TULOVIC (Kiefer Racing, KTM): 

"All in all, we are very satisfied with this test. In view of many aspects, we’ve tried a lot of different things and found out some good solutions though, we’re mainly focused on the front. I'm happy with the results because the feeling is getting better and better. There were also new tyre specifications to test for which Dunlop asked for our feedback. It was a good day, although the lap times weren't really great. But they weren't necessarily in the foreground either. The main thing is that we’re consistently lapping at all. With rising temperatures, it became more and more difficult to improve the lap times anyway. It was important that we did a lot of laps and collected the information. Regarding my consistency and fitness there were no problems in view of the heat today."

"I'm really happy about how I kept up in these conditions. With the test following the Grand Prix weekend, it was also a completely new experience for me. It wasn’t the first time for me riding this bike for four days subsequently but in connection with the tension of a race weekend it was something new for me. I've never had a lack of concentration and I'm happy that I didn't crash. Except for two moments when the front folded almost dangerously during the test, the feeling was much better in this respect than on Sunday during the race. I'm completely satisfied, and I think that we're well prepared for Assen."


Anton GRUSCHKA (Kiefer Racing, Crew-Chief): 

"I think it was right decision to wait a bit with the first test during the season. After almost countless laps of testing at Jerez, Lukas first had to learn how the bike reacts in different conditions at other tracks. On the other hand, we also had to get to know Lukas better and to get a better overview of the overall situation with our current package. So, we had to find out where the weak points are and where we have to start working on it. It took time to make all these experiences. In the first overseas races, Lukas had to get to know the tracks anyway. So, from a technician's point of view these races were nothing special."

"Since the Jerez race, however, we’re in the process of recognising our problems and gradually coming to terms with them. So, for the test here in Barcelona we could prepare a lot and starting to work in different directions. However, one day was not enough to try everything and certainly not to find solutions for everything. From this point of view, another test would be necessary soon, because there were even more points on our list with regard to geometry on that we couldn't do anymore unfortunately. But with the front end of the bike we’re able to make good progress. We also tried more this time than we usually do during a race weekend. Due to the current situation because of the bad grip conditions we had to deal a lot with the geometry."

"We are very satisfied with the result of the test. The lap times were about as fast as at the weekend. But what pleases us most is the fact that Lukas was able to do his pace from the race right from the beginning this morning. Of course, we would have hoped for an improvement in terms of the lap times compared to the weekend. But it was much hotter than during the past days. Therefore, an improvement was hardly possible. If we had had a second day, Lukas would certainly take this step, for which we would have hoped for it today. But overall it was a very positive test. 105 laps also confirm that he is conditionally in top condition. In this respect there is really nothing to criticize. Actually, Lukas deserves respect for this performance."