#GermanGP: Kiefer Racing welcomes LAKOWA warmly

Published : 07/02/2019 19:12:22
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The German Moto2™ team proudly presents with the company from Wilthen in Saxony a strong partner from the Sachsenring Region. 

Tradition meets tradition. This could be the motto for the upcoming Motorcycle Grand Prix Detuschland at the legendary Sachsenring. Kiefer Racing can look back on a long and successful tradition since entering the World Championship back in 2003. The same also applies to LAKOWA - Gesellschaft für Kunststoffbe- & Verarbeitung mbh, a specialised manufacturer of plastic components based in Wilthen. The company was founded back in 1913 by Max Liebscher as a backpack factory under the name "Liebscher & Stolle". LAKOWA presents itself this weekend with the company’s logo at the team’s KTM Moto2 bike, as well as on the pit walls. In addition, a special event is also planned, where partners and employees of the company can enjoy a comprehensive look behind the scenes of a world championship Team. 

Over the years since the company was founded, LAKOWA has earned an excellent reputation worldwide as a specialist in the manufacture of plastic assemblies and as such as a system supplier and development partner for the international automotive industry. The company specialises in the development and production of ready-to-install interior systems for rail, patient and special vehicles. At the Wilthen and Sohland/Spree locations in Germany’s Saxony Oberlausitz region, the company's own development department carries out over 200 projects per year and produces more than 250,000 customer-specific components and assemblies. LAKOWA's products and systems prove their worth in more than 6,000 rail vehicles, 15,000 ambulances and rescue vehicles as well as numerous special vehicles in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Jochen KIEFER (Team manager / Technical director): 

"We are very happy to have LAKOWA with us this weekend. Our home grand prix at the Sachsenring is the most important event for us year by year. This time, however, the whole thing will play an even more important role. LAKOWA is not only a household name in the region but is also known beyond the national borders for its innovative products. We are therefore proud that LAKOWA has chosen us to present its company worldwide via the "Sachsenring" platform."

"As is actually nothing unusual for the people in Saxony, the managing director, Mr. Ralf Liebscher, has always been infested by the motorcycle racing bacillus. He has an unbelievable expertise knowledge. His ability to remember racing events and results actually resembles a living database. That's why we are all the more delighted to make it possible for racing enthusiasts like Mr Liebscher and his guests to enjoy an unforgettable racing weekend at the Sachsenring."