#GermanGP: Exhausting home round well done

Published : 07/07/2019 19:58:48
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During the weekend, both youngsters in Kiefer Racing has shown lots of skills and talent on and off track

More than 91,000 spectators on race day made the 2019 edition of the Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland at the legendary Sachsenring to an unforgettable experience for both Lukas Tulovic and Dirk Geiger. In addition, they both brilliantly mastered their debut race on the difficult curvy and hilly track. 

After a complicated start into the weekend, Lukas Tulovic found his rhythm during the race at the latest. After a flawless performance he finally finished in 24th place, whilst Dirk Geiger reached his mini goal to leave one rider behind him. 

By the way, the leather suit worn by Lukas Tulovic in the race will be auctioned on Ebay for a good cause. The proceeds will go to the children's cancer charity. The action will start on Monday.


#3 Lukas TULOVIC (Kiefer Racing, KTM Moto2), P24: 

"My first home race at the Sachsenring was mega-exhausting. I never would have imagined that it would that stressful actually. I was looking forward to this weekend so much and I didn’t get disappointed. The atmosphere with these many spectators and all the trimmings was really great. So, I would like to thank all the people who supported me that greatly this weekend. This of course includes my team, whose support and help in many situations was incredibly valuable. Unfortunately, it wasn't my weekend."

"From the beginning until the race we had to fight a lot. Nevertheless, I always gave my 100 percent, but it just didn't go so well. I'm halfway satisfied with my race performance. To finish 38 seconds behind the winner’s time is not bad for a Sachsenring rookie. However, the position doesn't fully reflect our performance. Now it's time for the well-deserved summer break. In my opinion, the first half of the season went well above expectations. Therefore, I'm already looking forward to the second part of the season, for which I'll come back strengthened and with much more experience next month."


#28 Dirk GEIGER (Kiefer Racing, KTM Moto3), P24: 

"Today's race was an unforgettable experience. It was just awesome to ride in front of this enthusiastic crowd at home. The impressions and experiences of the weekend weigh over everything. After the start I tried to keep up with the guys in front of me. That worked out quite well in the beginning. I felt very comfortable with the bike and the track. It went well, I was able to stay with them relatively close. But in the further course of the race I dropped back bit by bit."

"Then I simply tried to keep my pace constant and finish the race without making any mistakes. That worked out well in the end too. So, I'm very happy what I got here as a small birthday present. I'm just speechless about what I was able to experience this weekend. A big thank you to all the people who made this possible. First and foremost, to Kiefer Racing, as well as of course to all sponsors, without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible."


Jochen KIEFER (Team manager / Technical director): 

"First of all, I would like to thank all the sponsors and patrons who supported us so actively this weekend. Our home Grand Prix at the Sachsenring is a great challenge for us year by year. This time, however, we had to do a lot more with projects that came about at short notice. I think everyone enjoyed it anyway and that we were able to offer our sponsors and their guests a beautiful and unforgettable race weekend. Once again, a big thank you to everyone. We are also satisfied from a sporting point of view. First of all, we are happy that both riders mastered this stress and tension so well. It went from one autograph session to the next. It wasn't easy for either Lukas or Dirk to stay on top of this busy schedule. It was really difficult. Both are rookies and they made the Sachsenring experience for the first time. The tasks on and off the track aren’t easy to tackle here."

"From this side we are happy with what we have achieved. Of course, we secretly hoped to finish a little further ahead. But we have to keep both feet on the ground. Nevertheless, the race of Lukas was first class to came home with just 38 seconds behind the winner at this difficult track. So, we don't have to hide for this. Dirk, on the other hand, made a big step during the race. It was clear to see that he learned the most today. We regarded his race as training from the outset. So, if the race would be tomorrow, he would be able to keep up a lot better. He simply lacked experience and kilometres with this bike. Nevertheless, he did a good job."


#GermanGP Moto2™ - Race Classification after 28 laps:

1 Alex MARQUEZ / SPA / Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS / KALEX / 39´35.101

2 Brad BINDER / RSA / Red Bull KTM Ajo / KTM / +1.208

3 Marcel SCHRÖTTER / GER / Dynavolt Intact GP / KALEX / +1.630

24 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / Kiefer Racing / KTM / +38.526


Moto2™ World Standing:

1 Alex MARQUEZ / SPA / KALEX / 136

2 Thomas LÜTHI / SWI / KALEX / 128

3 Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / KALEX / 102

28 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / KTM / 3


#GermanGP Moto3™ - Race Classification after 27 Laps:

1 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA / ITA / Leopard Racing / Honda / 39´29.348

2 Marcos RAMIREZ / SPA / Leopard Racing / Honda / +0.072

3 Aron CANET / SPA / Sterilgarda Max Racing Team / KTM / +0.120

23 #28 Dirk GEIGER / GER / Kiefer Racing / KTM / +1´17.087


Moto3™ World Standing:

1 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA / ITA / Honda / 125

2 Aron CANET / SPA / KTM / 123

3 Niccolò ANTONELLI / ITA / HONDA / 87