#BritishGP: To come back at Misano in an old refreshed way

Published : 08/25/2019 18:50:59
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On race day at Silverstone, Kiefer Racing and Lukas Tulovic had a hard time escaping the valley of emotions

Due to the promising performances during free practice sessions, Lukas Tulovic, a 19-year-old newcomer to the World Championships, was looking forward euphorically to Sunday’s round twelve in England. Under similar conditions he showed his talent at the beginning of the season in America already once. This Sunday, however, the ambitious racer from Baden-Württemberg didn’t manage to overcome the current complicated situation.


#3 Lukas TULOVIC (Kiefer Racing, KTM Moto2), P26: 

"Up to and including FP3 it was a positive weekend. We’ve made good progress in every free practice. But the qualifying went a little bit wrong. Unfortunately, we didn't make any progress yesterday afternoon and I didn't get really warm in the race either. I got off quite well at the start, but in the first lap I lost a few places again. A little later I slipped back into the same spin as I did last time in Austria. I just couldn't ride my speed in order to stay close to the guys."

"I honestly have to admit that I'm not quite up to speed at the moment. The overall situation is extremely complicated at the moment. After this hectic start into the second half of the season with three races this month, I'm happy that we’ve a two-weeks break now. It will do me good to come down a bit and recover a bit, just like after the Sachsenring. Then I will return refreshed to my old strength and hopefully with some new ideas at Misano."


Jochen KIEFER (Team manager / Technical director): 

"Regarding the nice weather throughout the whole weekend we were really surprised. A stable weather situation like this time is unusual for Silverstone. So, overall it was a completely new experience for everyone. But you could easily get used to it. From our point of view the weekend also started very well. Lukas did a very good job during free practice sessions. At first, he was a bit in nirvana due to lack of track knowledge, but he has fought his way through every situation and has constantly achieved improvements until Saturday noon. In FP3 he had found the connection to those people who have ridden here for many years. That gave hopes for qualifying. Unfortunately, he stood in his own way a little bit in this session because he wanted to find the optimal lap by all means. Apart from that, other riders crossed his way as well. Of course, it's a pity that we couldn't improve our lap time further."

"On the other hand, it wouldn't have helped us if we had been one second faster yesterday afternoon. Honestly, it wouldn't have catapulted us any further forward. For the race we would have thought that we could show a similar performance with Lukas as it was in Texas. In Austin he found some tenth of a second during in the race and improved his riding skills considerably for the track there. Unfortunately, this hope didn't come true. Looking back, the cause is quickly explained. It currently fails because of the fact that there is still no future either for Lukas or for Kiefer Racing next year. In our meeting after the race we talked about it again and tried to teach him that we just have to check it off. However, we will help him to regain the joy of motorcycle racing soon. From Misano on he should be able to pull on the cable fully again until the end of the season. At the moment it is hard to overlook that Lukas is acting too tense. If he manages to get this blockade out of his head, then we can be confident that he can quickly recall his normal level of performance with his basic speed."


#BritishGP Moto2™ - Race Classification after 18 Laps:

1 Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / FLEXBOX HP 40 / KALEX / 37´41.833

2 Jorge NAVARRO / SPA / Campetella Speed Up / Speed Up / +0.489

3 Brad BINDER / RSA / Red Bull KTM Ajo / KTM / +0.571

26 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / Kiefer Racing / KTM / +53.613


Moto2™ World Standing:

1 Alex MARQUEZ / SPA / KALEX / 181

2 Augusto FERNANDEZ /SPA / KALEX / 146

3 Thomas LÜTHI / SWI / KALEX / 146

28 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / KTM / 3