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Published : 10/06/2019 11:10:48
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Due to technical issues, Lukas Tulovic Thailand debut race came to an early end

Sunday’s round 15 of the season in sweltering conditions at Buriram didn’t stay under a good star for Kiefer Racing and his just 19-year-old rider Lukas Tulovic. Unfortunate circumstances during the previous day significantly reduced the prerequisites for race day. Tulovic, who is actually known as a good starter, found himself in an almost hopeless situation right from the start.


#3 Lukas TULOVIC (Kiefer Racing, KTM Moto2), NC: 

"The weekend has started promisingly with both sessions on Friday. From the third practice session on Saturday morning, however, confidence was lost bit by bit, mainly due to shifting problems, which occurred more frequently. During warm-up this morning I felt very comfortable at first. Lap time wise I would have been on a similar level as in qualifying. But I had to end the session prematurely because of these difficulties. The prerequisites for the race were therefore reduced from the outset. In the race it began with the start itself, which was my first one this weekend. In FP3 I couldn't practice a start because of the crash, in qualifying I came back to the pits earlier because of the rain and after the warm-up I couldn't do one either."

"From this point of view, it was not surprisingly that I didn't get away properly. Apart from that, I lost too much in the first laps. After all, it didn't take long until these shifting problems occurred again. But this time it was so bad that I couldn't change gears anymore. Therefore, I had to retire. Nevertheless, I don't want to blame everything on the bike, because something was missing from my side as well. My pace was not fast enough. Of course, the extreme conditions were also new for me. Nevertheless, it was simply not my best weekend."


Jochen KIEFER (Team manager / Technical director): 

"The first heat battle during our tour this and next month is behind us. The weekend started very well. Without any experience in all matters Lukas quickly felt comfortable with this track and he got into a good rhythm just as quickly. But there is a similarity with Misano, where he didn't know the track before too. Like then, it was harder for him to overcome himself after the crash. That influenced the overall performance. It was difficult for Lukas to repeat Friday's lap times. However, it has to be mentioned at this point that the conditions on Saturday were not the same as the day before because of the rain. In addition, he complained about shifting problems even before the crash. Unfortunately, these problems lasted until the end. Too bad, of course that wasn't a nice start to the overseas races. In Japan we will do better."


#ThaiGP Moto2™ - Race Classification after 24 Laps:

1 Luca MARINI / ITA / SKY Racing Team VR46 / KALEX / 38´40.882

2 Brad BINDER / RSA / Red Bull KTM Ajo / KTM / +2.296

2 Iker LECUONA / SPA / American Racing KTM / KTM / +2.544

NC #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / Kiefer Racing / KTM


Moto2™ World Standing:

1 Alex MARQUEZ / SPA / KALEX / 224

2 Augusto FERNANDEZ / SPA / KALEX / 184

3 Brad BINDER / RSA / KTM / 180

28 #3 Lukas TULOVIC / GER / KTM / 3